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Realized by:


  Name: Geburtsjahr: Vater: Mutter:
Aint Sister Hot 2009
Faced Im Vested
A Cashmere Selection 2004 Selection So Simple Zipped It Up
Fancy One Wisely 2009 Investing Wisely Fancy Zippin
KL Rhinstonecowgirl 2003 Zipped My Zipper Deluxe N Diamonds
RR One More Question 2005 Potential Career No Questions Please
A Good Sunset 2011 One Hot Invitation A Good Sunrise
Onehotstreak 2012 Blazing Hot Beckys Millenium
A Little Bit of Roan 2004 Seven S Chippendale Rowdz Shantely Lace
A Dynamic Grand Slam 2000 Leaguers Grand Slam Della Deluxe
Jeanny In The Bottle
Potentially the One 1998 Potential Investment Ima Fox Zippo
AGR Best Goodbar 2007 RL Best of Sudden Good Property
Good Property 2003 Zippos Mr Good Bar Miss Satin Macs
Fancy One Wisely
Sire: Investing Wisely
Dam: Fancy Zippin
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